Injuries are the worst enemy of a body builder in the gym. These injuries can vary in intensity from minor pain and discomfort to potentially impairing certain functions and be debilitating enough to take you out of the gym for some time. They can reduce the results of your bodybuilding regime and it can get even worse if you get injured in the same place again. So, it is crucial to body builders that they avoid injuries in the gym. Here you will read some simple and basic which even through professionals tend to forget sometimes causing trouble.

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You can avoid injuries by following the following weight lifting safety tips for injury free exercise. Beginners should especially read them.

1.Wear Appropriate workout apparel

The clothing that you should wear during working out should let you move all your body parts in all ranges of motion. If you wear clothes like jeans it will restrict your bodily motions preventing you from doing effective exercises properly like squats that can cause loss of balance and injury. Also, make sure to wear comfortable athletic shoes and do not forget to tie their laces.

  1. Ask For Help When in doubt

If you are new to any exercise or any piece of equipment and are unsure how to perform them, do not go about trying to figure them out on your own. Trainers are usually available at gyms so seek advice from them or ask any knowledgeable member at the gym. The Body Sculpting Bible for Women and  The Body Sculpting Bible for Men are informative books that you should read on to learn the correct forms of exercise.

3 .Secure all the Weight Plates before lifting

Be extremely vigilant weight your weights and always use collars to secure them, especially when you are using an Olympic bar. So many incidents have happened when weights on one side or another have fallen off while exercising hurting the person and people around. So, it is important to secure your weights before lifting.

  1. Remember to Warm-Up

Always remember to warm up before lifting heavier weights. Not warming up is always a bad idea that can cause injuries. For Instance if you are going to do squats with a 450 pounds with multiple reps, warm up with a 200 pound with a little more reps and then move on to the heavier exercise.

5. Practice perfect form and leave your ego outside

You should only lift as much as you can handle and not try to impress others, which will put in harm’s way. When you lift heavier weights than you can control your joints and bones are the ones that are affected as they take the most stress, not your muscles. Plus, chances are that you will sacrifice your form this way.

Bad form when combined with heavy weights is a perfect formula for injuries. You are suppose to stress you muscles not your joints, and practice perfect exercise solution. It will allow you to achieve quicker results owing to the fact that muscles are the ones the do most of the work, and your risk of injuries will be prevented.
Remember that you are not power lifting but bodybuilding, so do not be obsessed by the weight you are using.

6. Use a safe lifting Speed & Avoid Using Momentum

To gain maximum results and prevent injuries it is critical that you perform the exercises with no momentum and in a controlled manner.  Bouncing and jerking the weights will only create sheer forces in the joints and muscle insertions, taking stress away from the muscle and leading to injuries. If you are in doubt use a tempo of two seconds before lifting the weight and three second before lowering it. The lowering needs to be done slightly slower than lifting. Best Dianabol Alternative Steroids

  1. Mind your surroundings

Gyms should not ideally put certain equipment next to each other but since some do, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Also, remember to ensure that the floor is not wet or slippery before performing any kind of exercise as that can usually be the case if there is a leak from the ceiling due to bad ACs or a ceiling in bad condition. Inform the staff of the gym promptly before any one gets hurt and also remember to check whether the soles of your shoes are wet or not.

The key to safety is to be safe and use your common sense. If you follow the guidelines above you will stay out of harm’s way and keep up with your training.

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